Tuesday, February 19, 2008

tap, tap, tap..... is this thing on?

First of all, let me say that I just wrote and entire post and stupid Blogger deleted it -- so now, I must reconstruct..... let's just hope that I'm just as witty this time around -- I assure you, the first one was a real knee-slapper..... it would have had you in stitches -- might even have made you pee a little.

Let's see.... how'd I begin -- oh yeah,

What's it been 6, 7.... maybe it's 8 months now?

The Big Dubya mentioned a week or so ago that he was going to go to Barnes & Noble to use some gift cards that were burning a hole in his pocket -- pick up some books he's been meaning to read. Because I am who I am, I made a snarky comment about adding more books to an already too-high pile that were going unread on his nightstand. I got a well-deserved dirty look and the book store trip was quickly cancelled.

The conversation got me thinking of my own too-high pile of unread books collecting dust on my nightstand...... The Devil in The White City being at the top of the list. I had started reading it on a quick trip to Ireland over the summer, but just never got around to finishing it once I got home. I could blame work, the pregnancy or the two small children -- but that would be a cop out. I find time for all sorts of mindless crap, if I wanted to find the time to read -- I would -- I just haven't made it enough of a priority.

So this morning, rather than reading about Britney the trainwreck in the latest issue of People on the coffee table at Valvoline or about the wonders of Boniva in my doctor's office -- I brought the Devil with me. It had been a few months, but the story is pretty hard to forget -- I got right back in. And, because my doctor let me sit for a good 45 minutes..... between the two appointments, I managed to finish the damn thing.

I won't bore you with a detailed review -- just what I did and didn't like. I liked the use of language -- it's really well written (not like this post). He manages to tell several totally unrelated stories and tie them all back to Chicago and the World's Fair. If a specific story line begins to drag a little or you dont' care for it.... stick with it for a few more pages and you'll be moved on to something else.

Didn't like -- well.... all of the stories are dark. The book gets graphic and grisly in places.... the macabre is probably necessary for the intended effect, but -- it's enough to make me shudder and I don't really like that.

Overall, it's a good book -- not what I would normally read, but -- that's why I joined, to step outside the comfort zone of books I would select for myself.

This brings me to the Supercoolest Book Club Ever -- we've kind of fizzled out lately and I'd like to propose a re-launch.

I know it's short notice, and that most have you have probably already read it -- but, Aunt P lent me The Devil Wears Prada over the summer and it's still on the nightstand. It's light reading and I ought to be able to get through it fairly quickly, so I'm going to start there.

In the meantime, anybody want to suggest the next assignment?