Monday, February 5, 2007

Jesus H.--I'm Behind Already!

I was just sauntering over to check out the site, and POP! There's a cool banner! And people are already intelligently writing about books! CRAP! I thought I was doing well because I had started reading PI and was so pleased that I found his writing clever. I haven't even GOTTEN to the boat part yet! CRAP!

I am heading to Vegas on Thursday for a long weekend and I will finish my PI on the plane. Wait--who am I kidding?! I will be busy reading this and this because I hate flying and I can't focus on any actual reading in case I hear any noises that are out of line during a regular flight. And yes, I can still hear the noises through my iPod. If the flight goes smoothly after an hour or so, I may be able to focus long enough to finish my January issue of this, but I make no promises.

It is my hope that I will come back from my weekend away with something more interesting to say about the book other than the fact that the writer is clever.


Andie D. said...

Enjoy your weekend!

Once everyone finishes the book, I have questions ready. I'm still not sure I've made up my mind about a couple of things. But I'll wait. ;)

Kara said...

Yeaaaaah. I'm still on the first chapter of Pi. But the issue of Esquire with Sienna Miller on the cover? EXCELLENT.

I'm also reading a book for the Parent Bloggers Network-- the review for which may get me kicked out. I haven't wanted to throw a book our the window so badly since I tried (and failed) to read Stupid White Men.

How do you all feel about having an open discussion about Pi on the 27th-28th of this month?

Andie D. said...

27th - 28th for Pi works for me.

Esquire? Do you subscribe? I've been a reader for close to 7 years!