Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My name is Mrs Big Dubya, and I'm a Bad Book Club Member

Hello Mrs Big Dubya.......

Hi everybody, I hope your summer is going well..... mine is going by too damn fast, but what can you do?
I found myself with 7 hours on a plane yesterday, so I took the opportunity to dive into The Devil in The White City..... our book for June? or was it May? uhm yeah okay it's mid-July... I know I'm behind..... but I don't see anybody else writing about it either, so shut up already!

Anyway about the book, the book is really cleverly written -- uses language very well. The author tells the story of two people living vastly different lives in 1890s Chicago. The thing that strikes me, other than the f*cking twisted-ness of one of the main characters, is that the author eludes to an awful lot. When discussing the heinous murders committed by a central character, he circles around and then gets closer and then walks away -- teasing with inference, but leaving enough unanswered questions that the reader is left wanting more. I don't personally like reading the gory details of a sociopath's grisly conquests -- but even I was left wondering what exactly he did and how.

The historical backdrop is very cool -- and as a project manager, the organization and planning required to pull off the Chicago World's Fair is mind boggling. Did you know, that's where the Ferris wheel made it's debut???
I'm only about 2/3 of the way through, but so far so good -- I'll keep reading. The stories are largely told in retrospect, so I'll be interested to see where they go. The book is dense, the language and the story are involved and keeping all the characters straight requires a fair amount of attention -- this isn't really a casual beach read (at least not for me).

I know a lot of members have been dropping out due to other obligations, but I hope you guys will stick with us -- maybe we can pick up a few new recruits.

And maybe we can try a book without death or murder, HINT! HINT!


L. said...

Perhaps, given everyone's other obligations, you folks could try reading short stories?

Or comic books?


p-man said...

I just disappeared into the wormhole of MetroDad's comments. The dog ate my non-fiction. My hard drive crashed.

cape buffalo said...

I still can't find my copy, but I'm about to write about Harry potter. Sorry- there's some death.