Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Two Months Later...

Hey! I just finished reading "The Devil in White City".

What? You no longer care?


Are we supposed to be reading something now?


Mrs Big Dubya said...

I'm so excited somebody else is still reading it.... I'll be done soon I promise

we need a new book -- may I suggest something a little shorter and perhaps upbeat?

p-man said...

I finished the book. I assume we can now enjoy expansive repartee beyond the basic premise of the work, rendered partially as follows: Egos are stoked. Money is raised. Buildings are built. People die naturally and unnaturally. A wheel turns around. There is dancing. More people die horribly, children die, mayors die, henchman die! There is a fire. Everyone dies. The end.

Velma said...

I'm feeling guilty because I finished it - I FINALLY FINISHED ONE - and yet failed to post about it. I even convinced my hubby to read it, and we both enjoyed it tremendously. BUT - after talking about it, we realized that our fascination came from living in Hyde Park for 4 years, walking past some of the sites and never realizing the scope of the exhibition. That, and the engineering, because we are geeky like that. I'm wondering how others felt about it, people who haven't lived in Chicago?

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Since I had recently been to Chicago, I kept trying to figure out the geography, but it was kind of tough since we weren't really in that area.

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