Friday, April 6, 2007

Oh, heck...I belong to a book club...

So Kara was reminding me the other day that I belong to a book club. I literally didn't read a book in month of March. I meant to. Really. Then I read that people who were raised on the south shore could really relate to Easter Rising. I grew up on the south shore, now I really feel like I lost out (Dubs and I have waxed poetic about the Weymouth landing and Sacred Heart - it was a strange 'we haven't actually met but we ran in parallel circles kind of thing.') .
Kara knows me well. She knows that if I am actually going to get involved I have to be responsible for the activity.
So here it goes: Special Topics in Calamity Physics is the book for April. Here is why it will be great: the author is from Asheville, NC...home of the Biltmore Estate and Thomas Wolfe (if you don't him you need to read Look Homeward, Angel). And my daughter, Noodle. The book is about physics and calamities. Calamities people! And it is a mystery! It is going to be great, or we will pan it for all its worth.
I will start discussion in about 14 days (maybe 21). My vacation starts tomorrow so I will read a boook this month (as the Count would say: one, ha ha ha).
Review of the book:


Surviving Motherhood said...

Just for the website alone I would buy the book. although i was reading something else whilst waiting for it to load and started to freak out a bit thinking there was a fly flying around my head and I couldn't see it!

I too have been pretty rubbish this month and didnt read nor to be honest even buy any of this months books. Next month however, I pledge to be better.

Going to play with the fly again...oh, and then buy the book. Promise.

Mrs Big Dubya said...

I'd vote for 21 days... went to B&N yesterday and they didn't have it in stock.... will try Borders tomorrow.

Kara said...

21 days at minimum. I still haven't finished Easter Rising.

I've been very very busy.

Mrs Big Dubya said...

I take it back.... 21 days is definitely a minimum, I picked up the book yesterday -- and although it looks really good -- it's long

Velma said...

All right. I have failed miserably so far at finishing the books so far, so I'm definitely doing this one! I HAVE to, or the shame will kill me.

Plus? I already have it, so I'll get a head start on y'all. Heh.

Andie D. said...

Please, at least 21 days. Just ordered it from eBay.

And we just moved. I don't even know where most of my underwear is yet.

Misfit Hausfrau said...

I will order it today! I am pleased that I finished Easter rising Monday evening.

mo-wo said...

I'm gonna get my husband in on that one. He is the surrogate reader at our house. In the meanwhile he has written his own book review for April at our SuperLoner Book Club on our blog.