Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New Book Selection and Member Poll

Hi there everyone. So, whatcha been up to? How ya been? Okay, I'll drop the pleasantries and just come out and apologize for totally ditching Special Topics and recommending Easter Rising which I really liked even though it was a huge downer.

Hey, can you smell that? No? Okay, close your eyes a sec and breathe in. Smell it now? Yeah, that's right, summer is in the air. Memorial Day weekend is just two short days away, can you believe it?

Summer means many things to me~ there's the horror of exposing my blinding white thighs to unsuspecting beachgoers, mosquitoes, and unrelenting humidity (and the big hair that goes with it) but there's also the delicious smell of coppertone and salt after a day building castles on the beach, gin and tonics with extra lime, and fluffy beach reading.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I love beach reads. That's why I'm asking all of you to post (not just comment, like actual posts) with some of your favorite summer paperbacks. What are they and why do you love them? Is there a certain book you've read again and again or does one volume on your shelf evoke memories of a particular summer or favorite place? I like to think you can learn so much about a person by what they drag along to read on vacation.
We've chosen books that are difficult to plow through so far so I'd like to suggest that, as we are all BUSY either tending to young children or jobs (or both) or to schoolwork, that we lighten things up around here. I'm reading a lovely historical fiction confection by Phillipa Gregory and then I'm diving into Devil in the White City by Erik Larson. Discussion to follow in late June in time for the release of the 6th Harry Potter, which oh my gosh I can't wait. And we will read that one and I'll be on here like every other day talking about it so if you're not up to date, consider this your chance.

So, yeah. Devil in the White City. Bye!


Mrs. Chicky said...

I'll admit I'm less than half way through Calamity Physics and there's no end in sight, so it will be nice to read something fluffy.

p-man said...

My most notable summer read was "Infinite Jest". How pretentious. It is notable because I love it and because it did, in fact, take all summer to read. And I was unemployed at the time.

Julie Pippert said...

Looks interesting (by which I mean likely to be more fun and successful a read that STiCP). What's the discussion date? Can I wait until after Memorial Day to pick it up?

(Mrs. Chicky, I'm stuck in the same place with STiCP. Once upon a time I would have plowed through b/c I will NOT be defeated by a book. But then I had kids. LOL)

Mrs Big Dubya said...

I'll be stopping to pick up Devil on my way home today!

Beach books -- well uhhhhmmmm sorry, they aren't very literary, but... I like Richard North Patterson (not to be confused with James Patterson)-- his books are like Grisham's but are written a little better -- I also liked a couple by Scott Turrow, some by Dan Brown and anything by Maeve Binchey.

Honestly, if it's the beach/pool.... I'm more likely to grab a copy of People or Cosmo (I know, I know....)

Christine said...

I am just a trespasser here, but i have to say I LOVED Devil In the White City when i read it a couple of years ago. It is mystery and history all wrapped up in one. How you all enjoy it.

thailandchani said...

I am reading "Middlesex" (and bought it before Oprah selected it for her book club :) and it's really not the easiest book I've ever read.

That's not to say I don't like it. It's just kind of ... convoluted.

I'd like to try Devil in the White City and would like to hear your thoughts on it when you get a chance.

I also want to link this. Book clubs are the greatest thing!